Recap Ocotber 15tH: REC Wheatridge HS / INT *Surrey Ridge

Our riders had a surprise of "cooler-than-expected" weather this morning as the clouds and light breeze held the predicted 80 degrees at bay.  Thankfully the meteorologists were spot on and everything turned out beautifully.  A huge thank you to all 30+ riders that came out to start their weekend off with us in the middle of October!!  

Comments via ride Leader(s): Heidi and Justin

Heidi and Justin lead 11 riders out to Wheatridge High School near Kipling and 32nd.  We covered exactly 35.0 miles.  The temps hovered in the 60's for the majority of ride - perfect cycling weather.  The sun finally appeared accompanied by some warmth for the last few miles back to the store.  We had a strong group today, averaging around 15-18 mph overall.

A first-timer to our group, Sharon (pictured), is one of our many strong rec riders and she really hung tough today! Originally from Fla, she came to Denver and started as a physical therapist at Craig Hospital and has been doing that for the last 36 years!!  A seasoned rider, she also swims runs hikes kayaks skies and  snowshoes. She was a great addition to the group because of her enthusiasm and great safety communication with her fellow riders.

Great ride everyone, thanks for joining in.  Let's cross our fingers that Saturdays for the remainder of October continue to be as pleasant.  See you all soon!

Comments via ride Leader(s): Patrice and Chris

Chris and Patrice guided our 16 riders out to Surrey Ridge which was a first time ride for both of them.  We started our ride by heading to the Meridian like we usually do by riding down Dayton then it was on to Inverness Pkwy.  From there is was on to Surrey Drive where we were met with a bit of a head wind and some nice gradual climbing on S. Havana St.

We stopped at our half way point which was a Conoco station (if I'm not mistaken) where we shared some stories, got a little food and drink.  Our return trip started with a short but fun trip through some residential neighborhoods where we were treated to some tight corners and some fast rollers.  We quickly returned to S. Havana St. where we were lucky enough to encounter a tail wind the majority of the way home.  Cruising down Peoria St. we were riding between 35-38 mph.  Needless to say it made for a quick trip back to the shop.  This turned out to be a really nice route and the weather was amazing for this time of year.  Thanks to those who helped guide us on this new route and to those who joined us.  See you next Saturday!

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