Welcome, Welcome!

We are looking forward to an awesome riding season and hope you are too!

Let us know if you are training for a specific event/organized ride as we'd like to help you reach your goal(s).  Not sure what your options are?  Check out Bicycle Colorado's website: http://bicyclecolorado.org/events/event-calendar/ for some options.  Secondly, talk with your ride leaders or fellow riders for ideas and most importantly...come ride with us!

Recap February 9th Meridian

It was Gene and a hearty group of 12 that headed out to Meridian on this "iffy" day of forecast sun, wind, clouds and possible moisture.  It started out great as the group arrived strong in Meridian Park and most chose to add a lap around as well.  It was when they headed back to the shop that Mother Nature's forces took a turn.  The group battled headwinds and a god 15+ degree drop in temps.  All held strong, some branched off to head home through CC reservoir and the rest arrived safe at the store and glad to be done!  Great job everyone.